Information and Communications Services, LLC Customer Privacy Policy

ICS is committed to protecting your privacy. We are committed to maintaining strong and meaningful privacy protections for customers. Our privacy policy is designed to inform you about the information we collect, how we use it, and your options about certain uses of information.
ICS's Broadband’s (ICS) privacy policy applies to customers of the Information and Communications Services, LLC, DBA ICS and to visitors of ICS’s websites.

Information We Collect and How We Use It

ICS collects and uses information about our customer’s and website visitors when you interact with us to check availability of service, order products or services, or to obtain support.
This information may be used to deliver, install or provide service, support, repair products or services; establish and maintain customer accounts and billing records; contact you about your products and services; and to manage and protect our networks. On occasion, your information may be aggregated and anonymized for business and reporting to state and federal agencies as required by state or federal law.

Information Provided to or used by Third-Parties or Advertisers

ICS does not use or provide customer information to third party advertisers or provide customer information to third parties, except as required by law.

Information We Share and How We Share it

ICS shares customer information internally between its staff through our “Customer Information and Billing Systems” within our offices and departments only. You can limit our sharing of certain types of customer information, known as Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI).
Except in circumstances outlined in our Privacy Policy, and privacy policies for specific services, or in customer agreements, ICS does not sell, license, or share information that individually identifies our customers with others outside of ICS for non-ICS purposes without your consent. ICS may share information with our vendors and partners for specific business purposes only, and only when necessary for third parties to perform work on our behalf such as installation, repair and troubleshooting.

How to Limit the Sharing and Use of Your Information

You may choose to opt out of the sharing of specific customer information, within ICS for marketing purposes. This is known as CPNI, Customer Proprietary Network Information. Contact us via contact options at the bottom of this document to opt out. You will only every receive marketing emails, mail and other information from ICS, not third parties.

Exceptions to this Policy

ICS may be required to share your personal or business information with law enforcement due to a subpoena, court order, illegal activities or illegal use of the service, suspected or actual, reported copyright infringement, or a network security breach.

Information Security

ICS has significant technical, administrative and physical safeguards in place to help protect against unauthorized access to prevent use of, or disclosure of the customer information we maintain.

Contact Information

Questions, concerns, comments or to “opt out” of ICS marketing, as it relates to our Privacy Policy or our privacy practices, you may contact us via one of the below methods:

Information and Communications Services, LLC
175 South Third Street
Suite 340
Columbus, OH 43215
Office 614-285-4901
Fax: 614-285-4977

Support Email:

Accounting Email:

Accessing and Updating Your Information

You may update and view your personal information through our Customer Portal at:

You may also call or email us to update your information. We will ask some questions to verify your identity. Only the account holder and those authorized on the account may update your account, billing or service information. Those who are authorized, are the names you listed on your service agreement for billing, support or account contact purposes and may contact us to update account information, get support, upgrade services or cancel services. Cancelation of services must be done in writing, 30 days in advance o the cancelation date.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Changes this policy may be made from time to time. Changes to this policy will always be posted on our web site: