Broadband Solutions

Small Office

Small Office DSL brings the convenience and efficiency of high-speed Internet access to small businesses, satellite offices and teleworkers. 


Your business transactions are critical so you shouldn't have to share your bandwidth with residential users. With Business DSL access, you can be assured your traffic will not compete for bandwidth with residential users such as gamers. Business DSL provides greater speed, reliability and security than the residential-grade DSL service offered by your local phone company at a price that's affordable. 


For businesses requiring dedicated bandwidth for your critical business transactions, BBC offers Enterprise T1 with dedicated speed of 1.5Mbps. Our Enterprise T1 service is available in most global markets with prices starting as low as $279 in most major metro markets


High-bandwidth broadband networks provide manufacturers with the reliability, security and capacity required to connect multiple facilities and enable the next-generation of business-critical applications. Our solutions help regional and national and global manufacturers empower their employees to get more done, increase efficiency across their organizations and gain significant competitive advantages. 


We can help consult on the latest HIPPA compliances. We realize healthcare providers must meet stringent privacy regulations, but often lack the IT resources to implement and manage security solutions in house. Broadband benefits include: access to electronic records. Protect patient data. Support clinic management software. Improve patient care. We make it simple to connect medical facilities and laboratories to expedite communication and data exchange, while ensuring the privacy of sensitive patient information. 


Improve your guests' experience. Add new properties quickly. Broadband supports critical business functions and enables low latency applications that generate revenue and reduce expenses. With a custom solution that is right for your business, BBC will help you to gain a competitive business advantage, and benefit from applications like labor scheduling, video surveillance and payment processing. And, you can add new properties quickly and easily with our nationwide network coverage and rapid provisioning options


Improve customer satisfaction with self-service kiosks. Allow your customers to get what they need quickly and conveniently, eliminate long lines and improve their overall experience with broadband-enabled kiosks. At BBC, we have extensive experience deploying connectivity solutions for kiosks in a variety of environments, many with complex installation coordination requirements. We provide end-to-end project management and dedicated customer support with every kiosk network deployment.